V1 Cooling Fan Hookup for Primo with SKR Pro

After a nice summer in Chicago the cold weather is giving me a chance to re-connect with my beloved Primo. Still used a lot in during summer but just for specific jobs versus tinkering in the basement.

When I dove in last January 1st and jumped down the great V! rabbit hole, I bought a couple cute little fans from Ryan. I never bothered to hook up but now that I finally printed a case and display I am thinking of hooking up.

Sorry I am sure this is so easy but can someone help me out on where to hook it up?


I don’t have an SKR Pro, but looking at the pinout diagrams, I can see three ways of hooking them up.

First, there are a voltage output pins in the lower right of the board just above the reset button and to the right of the USB connection:


In this block are two 12V, two 5V and two 3.3V pins with a matching row of ground pins. You should be able to use the two 12V pins with their matching ground pins, though you may need to trim some of the plastic on the plug to get them to fit.

Second, you can hook up a spade connector to the board power in and use that to power your fans:


Third, you can use the fan screw terminals to power your fans. If you use these connectors, you will have to turn them on using g-code (M106) commands, but these commands can be automatically inserted in your start code for your g-code files.


While I doubt it is a problem for you, these methods assume you are running your board with 12V. If you are using some other voltage, you will need fans that match that voltage.

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Robert as always, thank you for your always concise and very helpful response.