V1 Shop accept PayPal?

I noticed that payments via PayPal is discussed in the forums, but I do not see an option for it during checkout from the Shop. Am I missing something or does the shop really not support PayPal payments?

No, sorry I am not accepting PayPal at this time. During the shipping slowdowns last year, instead of waiting for packages to arrive (with tracking that said “late”, and were fully insured) they just refunded several customers. I lost the money, a claim fee, and the packages that eventually arrived.


PayPal seem to side with the buyer in 99.9% of situations. It sucks for honest sellers that do the right thing.


@vicious1 and @WizardOfAus thanks so much for the information! I can certainly understand your concerns and why you stopped accepting PP. And yes it does suck -= especially for the sellers that do the right thing…

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