V1PI CNC.js Remotely Accessing the Watch Directory

Hey all,

I have been using the V1pi instance for a while mostly for cnc.js to run programs on my mpcnc. However, the internet in my garage is not the best so files often bug out when trying to upload the gcode. I think that uploading the gcode to the watch directory then loading it that way would fix this issue (like octoprint does) but i cannot figure out how to access the watch directory (remotely ideally). Any advice? I am not very versed in linux but i can probably figure out commands if need be.

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There was a post recently where people were comparing different ways to do that.

My personal preference would be sftp, which works on the same connection as an ssh connection (username pi, password raspberry, unless you changed it (which you should)). You will need to configure the watch directory first.

Another option is to configure the octoprint upload location and the cncjs watch directory to be the same place. If you did that, then you could use the octoprint upload interface, and then use either service to run the file.

This is the post I was thinking of:

That was precisely what I needed, thanks! I am using WinSCP to access the files and it seems to be working.