V1pi / RasPi 4 / Rambo / Server Crashes

I’ve been using this setup for over a year without problems. Reinstalled “2020-05-27-v1pi-no-hotspot”. Connects fine. The X Y Z control buttons in CNC.js are active, but they do not move the steppers.

I can manually move the steppers with my smart controller. The problem is when I do, I get the message “Server has stopped working”. I must reboot my RasPi to connect again.

Fortunately, I can print using a compact flash card in the smart controller, but it is not convenient.

Can anyone offer suggestions how to fix this problem?

Thank you.

Sorry. I have not looked at the v1pi in a while.

You could try using octoprint, to see if that is the same.

You could look at the cncjs logs.

You can look at the kernel log with dmesg.

I wonder if you’re having power problems. Can you try powering the pi in a different way? Or maybe the controller is drawing power from the pi?