Vac Hose

The DeWalt’s dust show takes a 1 1/4" hose. Are there good sources for it? I bought one from lowes for $20/8 feet, but it has about 2 feet as a rigid tube, and that’s the side that fits in the dust shoe. I can make it work, but I’d rather something more flexible, cheaper, and maybe closer to 15’ long.

Pool vacuum hose is pretty cheap at Home Depot. It’s 1 1/4" and it comes in 18 to 50 foot lengths for about $1.25 a foot.
You might have to have it shipped to your store.

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How’s it do with air though? If the inside isn’t smooth-ish, your neighbor dogs will not like you. Though, neither will your neighbors! It will howl like a banshee.

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What did you use @Barry?

“Available for pick up April 11”, or “We’ll ship it to you, expected April 10, free shipping on orders over $45”.

This is 2017, why is buying something online from home depot (not exactly a mom and pop shop) so freakin’ hard? Over a week to get it to a store, and then I have to go in to pick it up?!? /rant

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I almost bought that one. Nice that it’s in stock locally. The 8’ one is being unruly.

Both my hoses are suspended above the routers, so I needed the extra length. The crane arm I’m using for my lowrider I built from a bunch of scrap parts. Piece of 2X8 for the base, a 2X4 for the body, scrap piece of plywood for the arm and a couple hinges. It can swing 180deg to the arm, so it can reach the whole table. The base is just lag bolted to the floor. It is one good thing about having 1 inch thick wood floors, even if most of the boards are cupped like a canoe!
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Barry I just had to say, your lowrider is sexy!

Thanks! Now that it’s warming up I need to pull it apart and paint the wood.