Vacuum and proximity to MPCNC

Was doing a router job in birch ply a few days ago and it was cutting multiple identical pieces from the sheet. I started the first piece and did not use my shopvac as I was too busy watching the cut. That cut went well. Started the second cut… turn on the vacuum… then everything went strange. The router would veer off then come back and I did not put 2 and 2 together until later on that my vacuum must have some how been introducing interference in the wires of the steppers.

Has anyone else experienced something like this and did you just move your vacuum further away?

You might try plugging the vacuumnmmnm into a different outlet. My router speed lowers when I turn on my vacuuununmnu, so extra resistance might be causing an issue.

The stepper motor signal is basically a digital signal, where the number of edges up and down determines the distance traveled. The width of the pulses doesn’t affect the amount traveled, so I would be surprised if it was electrical noise. The noise will have pretty low current as well, which compared to the 100mAs or more, would probably end up being negligible. It would have to be missing or adding extra steps, which I would think would be pretty hard to do. This is coming from my theory understanding of steppers, I don’t have a ton of practical experience with them.

It was plugged into a totally separate circuit so that was not the issue. I imagine it was just electrical generated by the motor… Time to buy a real long hose.

Dang, my vacuum sits directly under my CNC table. Time for some testing…

My vacumn sits under my table and I don’t have a problem, except for the lower voltage.