Vcarve - Aspire Laser postprosessor

I made this Postprosessor for Aspire and Vcarve, I just modified the one Mike K have done back in 2015. But its working just fine.

Marlin laser postprosessor

Just copy paste into the post prosessor folder in aspire or vcarve and i will pop up in the menu.


You might want to build that into the current aspire PP I have recently worked on. We fixed some major issues.

where is this PP file?, and is it possible to have the laser enabling in the same PP ?

At the bottom of this page, Milling Basics.


i just looked at it, is it the test 5 that works best?

iam running the stock firmware no dual end stops with t8 on the z axe.

And the stupid question can I have the laser commando inside the same postprosessor?

And should I remove some of the jumpers under the z stepper driver?


I honestly don’t know. I have never used Aspire. I just helped edit the PP code.

I did not get so much smarter on what PP to use in aspire on milling, he did never write what setup you should run. Did he end up with test number 5? he also do not use t8 z axe rod.


This is a firmware setup thing, it has nothing to do with the PP.


Yes use the largest number version (most recent). As I said I have never used Aspire.

Estlcam has ability to do vector laser stuff now, you might want to try that. We all have much more experience with that software.