Vcarve Post Processor for Lowrider 2

OK great, I was about to reply that the gcode looks fine and was confused why it would shoot up to max height (then I saw your edit).

So if you want, you can now properly set your Z height and run the gcode and actually perform the cut.

My normal workflow is essentially what we just did:

Home all axes using the limit switches
Use cncjs to jog to my start position and do a G92 X0 Y0
Probe Z via a macro in cncjs
Run the gcode

So this is something i noticed. i normally use the zero out work offset button. i get an unknown command when that happens. is there something different with those buttons?

I don’t believe it was ever implemented in Marlin, that’s why the commands are invalid:

I’m using tests5 on my primo no issues yet

Thanks for all the help guys. did a few more sample cuts with vcarve before i deicde to make the purchase.

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