Vector images to DXF

So I posted a quick little test design and cut for a Dungeons and Dragons pencil/ dice box on the MPCNC Facebook and I got a few requests for the font and .dxf file. Here’s the link to it on Thingiverse, but I’m uploading the files here as well (EDIT: I guess .dxf files aren’t allowed, so I’ve had to zip it.):

Name plate and fantasy fonts by request by MrMeatGrinder

It also occurred to me that there might be a community interest in free stock vector image packs converted to .dxf and loaded into the same packs the vectors were in. I’m probably going to continue doing this for my own personal purposes and to have at work, but if there is enough interest I will load the packs here too. But if nobody wants them, I won’t bother. I might take requests, but nothing too time consuming like tracing low-res raster images because I literally do that for a living and I honestly need the job security. I like this community and project though, so I’m willing to contribute a bit free of charge :slight_smile:

I do understand that there are a multitude of ways to do this for free already, but I’m also going to be incorporating my massive collection of fonts and limited artistic abilities. I’m going to include any applicable free-to-use licenses with the fonts and images, but nothing that I’ve paid for. Also, fonts can be hard to get converted to vectors for some people, having ready made .dxf theme packs is convenient for me and I can guarantee my own work :slight_smile:
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Fonts are the worst. Is there a good source for free fonts (not just price, but copyright freeish)? Maybe you are focusing on fantasy fonts, but I’d like to just generally have an expanded set of fonts I use on projects. It seems like there should be several fonts that would be better looking when cutting with a relatively fat bit, and not using an angled bit.

w.r.t. dxf/svgs: I use estlCAM and it can use svgs just as well as dxf files. I’m sure the dxf would be helpful if I was trying to CAD up something that combined more than one file. Any free to use, curated image packs are going to be useful, in any format, really.

BTW, That project looks really good. I still haven’t done any cutting besides my straightcut bit.

The fonts in the .zip file are just together because somebody on the MPCNC Facebook was interested in them. I use EstlCAM with my router and plasma MPCNC, so I do understand the ease of using .svg files. The 2D .dxf files are more for people who want to use a CAD program to make .stl files for printing and/ or milling.

I am starting this project for my own purposes at home and at work because with the vast majority of CAD and CAM programs .dxf is universal. So I can cut my design and drafting time down if all I need to do is pull the appropriate .dxf into AutoCAD or inventor for a customer’s order, rather than converting it every time I need it. Also, when we have to send something out to the laser cutter guys or the water jet guys, they up charge a significant amount if I send them anything other than a ready to cut .dxf.

There are a lot of free fonts out there that are super great. I have several hundred that are free and I have used at one time or another. I also have some CAD ready fonts that I have paid for. The part that most people get stuck at is converting the font into vectors because it takes expensive programs and some tricky magic :wink: . I use Adobe Illustrator to turn the fonts into vector items and export the text as a .dxf file. Depending on who I am sending it to, I then use AutoCAD to turn all the spline curves into poly curves because a lot of CNC machines can’t deal with the splines.

When I get home, I’ll start bundling fonts and files. Right now I’m at work and can’t really devote any time to it. I might start a new thread for these and make the first file dump rather large. I’ll keep my ears open in case there is anything specific that anybody wants to see.

I’ve never used illustrator, or tried to convert a font, but I’ve had reasonable luck converting simple images using inkscape, which is free (and works in Linux, which is important to me). Have you tried that? There are about 1000x features on it, and AFAIK, it’s similar at least in purpose to illustrator. The trace bitmap feature works pretty well, especially if the original is sort of spline like. I’m sure I’ll find some limitations sooner or later, but I’m not carving the mona lisa either.

It sounds like you are professional (graphics designer, maybe?) so I’m not trying to give out any advice. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on it.

I work at a metal fabrication shop doing drafting and running the CNC plasma table. Most of what we do is stainless railings and one-off jobs for for farms or race car equipment. None of those things are really my cup of tea, but we have been getting a lot more non-custruction jobs that require plasma cut company logos. I’ve never used Inkscape, but I’ve heard good things. I have the benefit of having commercial accounts for Adobe and Autodesk products, I’ll have to investigate Inkscape sometime.