Anyone planning on “joining”? This is what I can tell:

  • It is free
  • There are two youtube streams per day. One for sponsors and one for builders.
  • There is a discord that has a bunch of chatty people on there.

I’m trying to decide if there are any presenters that I really want to see. Anyone have any suggestions on someone that might be interesting? I am hoping octoprint is interesting. I’m hoping orusa announces a prusa xl.

Joe prusa just said they won’t be launching new products this year because it is too hard to get parts.

Dang, that is a looooong list of things I want to see. I will probably not be watching live much but after the fact so I can skip around. I was skeptical…as usual…but it looks like they might have just pulled off a cool way to do a virtual meetup.

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I signed into the discord, but I am not organized to find the good stuff. I just had a new notification every 30 seconds so I shut it off.

Discord link?

Bowyer is talking now…production, I’m listening.