version 27mm conduit OD ??

Hello Guys and Girls,

this is my first post here on the forum.

as i have been following other people build their MPCNC it’s time for me to do the same!

Now i found that many first printed their parts to find out the tubing wasn’t available…

i’ve ALMOST did the same :slight_smile: luckily i passed by my hardware store and saw that they only carry 27mm steel welded conduit.

1 - are there files for that size tubing?

2 - would i need to get some tubing online send to me in order to make my mpcnc.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from the Netherlands ( not holland :stuck_out_tongue: )


Welcome Maikel - not from Holland!

From Ryan’s assembly instructions: C-23.5mm, F-25mm, or J-25.4mm (1in). The measurement is for the Outside Diameter of the conduit/rails/tubing.

The answer is no for 27mm. That being said, unless you want to recreate your printed parts (I wouldn’t encourage that) you’ll have to search for smaller OD material that equals the three referenced sizes above. Check for tubing. This link is for the Netherlands only.

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If you can not find the smaller conduit in your area the next step is to find a metal supplier and see what size Tubing they have available.


Check op maat gezaagd en in 25mm!

Groet Harmen