Vertical LowRider v3

Anyone considered going vertical?

Might be possible using v-slot on the X with a spring balancer to take the weight off the Y.

Could be an interesting project…

I still need to get to sort the basics, just an idea that may or may not be worth sharing. Hopefully you can give me your opinion just to save me wasting my brain matter?


There are a couple threads around here already discussing this.

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I am working it now. Testing this weekend.

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Curious how this will work out!

I would love some links for those threads. I’m interested in doing this as well for the space savings.

Looks nice and tidy Jeff, very impressive. How will you take the weight off the x?

Another thought I had was to use the mpcnc rail on the X, lowrider on the Y with a ballscrew (removing the strain on the belt) then the Bosch POF 1200 from the Maslow on the Z.

It wouldn’t give much depth of cut but could be great for wikihouse or opendesk furniture projects.

A bit of a mashup of parts I know.

Babies have caused me to not have much time for it at the moment but it doesn’t stop me daydreaming for when I get the time.

I hope the test goes well Jeff.

Just stumbled across this and similar to what I was thinking.


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WOW! I Just stumbled across this… Cool but that sure had some MAJOR flex in it. If he’s getting that much flex with a small bit, doing what the video shows, then I’d hate to see what happens when he has thick wood, and doing something larger, and along more of the azis than that little “button”.

Still it is an interesting idea.

I must confess that I gave the idea a quick thought too… about three seconds of thought. Where would the “Average” woodworker or dedicated shop place something like that. It’s hard enough to clear out 5 x 10 area on the floor, and I’ll be darn if I’m taking my cabinets off the walls to do cnc projects. :slight_smile: Guess I could hang something like that on the dies of my neighbor’s house. :>