Vertical storage

I see a lot of xcarve owners go with a flip top cart so their cnc is stored vertically. Anyone tried this with the mpcnc? I’m a little concerned about the plastic dealing with the stress, especially with garage temps ranging from 50-80F.

That seems like a bad idea for any CNC machine. It depends on the size of your build and the tolerances you expect. Smaller build with no heavy power tool on it it is fine. I have carried them flat to get through doorways. Really though, build it flat store it flat, make a shelf above or below where you want to use it.

I’m surprised more people don’t put it underneath a bench or something. Since you don’t really need to fiddle with it that much, it seems like it would be a good place.

There was one instance if someone putting it in a winch and hanging it from the ceiling. Made a good video about it.

Under seems perfect as that space normally needs to be clear for clamps anyway.

Thanks for the input. I think under is the way to go.

I’d love to see what you come up with. :slight_smile: