Vetric Advice - Post Processor Not Working

What is the suggested workflow for working with VCarve? I downloaded the Marlin_pp test5, and the Marlin_pp test 4

I cant seem to get anything working. Previous to this I have been working in Fusion 360 with success, But thought I would try an inlay - Dosen’t seem to be working with Vcarve.

Each attept kept getting worse:

My first attempt was running the gcode from the SD. My second attempt was running the same gcode from repitier host after convering the vcarve tool path to mm.

My third attempt was the same as the second and my 4 was the same as the third…

Not sure what I need to do to get this working; any help would be appreciated - Let me know if you need to know any other information.

(Seems the bit goes deeper the further right it goes… its odd.)



I haven’t used Vcarve but I have had some success with F-Engrave. I really can’t compare the two but F-Engrave is pretty self explanatory and a couple YouTube videos was enough for me to be successful.


Can you post a picture/screenshot of your toolpath settings for the inlays?

I had all kinds of issues. At one point I was carving air,lol. PP test 5 works. Vectric settings may need adjustment. I started from scratch and reinstalled Aspire 9. Cleared the entire file using CCleaner to delete any registration information. Fresh copy and then reinstalled TEST 5 and it works great. No issues. Make sure you have your sign in stuff or you’ll pay hell to get your software working. And, I can’t find my discs with the patterns either so I’m still screwed. What I wouldn’t give for those… Anyways, try resetting to original factory settings. It worked for me.

I just downloaded the software about 3 days ago and installed test 5 yesterday morning - do you think I should redo everything?


Congrats! Looks awesome! Unfortunately now that I paid money for VCarve I’m determined to get it working :slight_smile:

Do you think it could be that I changed the units in the file but still had a imperial bit selected. If I now select a metric bit would it make a difference?


Grasping at straws here - everything looks correct :frowning:

here are my settings (trying again)


Everything looks correct but I don’t see a screen grab of your toolpath settings and material setup. I used my mpcnc with aspire for most of last year and made all that money back in the first month. It works, but we need more information.

Lol, okay I see it now, let me take a look. Also, how are you setting the bit height, just manually moving the z axis? Or driving it there?

Your plunge rate is really fast. Might be skipping steps coming up or going back down. Feedrate is also too fast for these machines.

What are the recommended settings? I just got everything together so these are my first couple of projects.

i have the machine off when setting the z by hand and then i turn the machine on - also using the lcd screen

found this:

The same feedrates you used in fusion 360 should work.

For a V bit on the mpcnc, I varied from 15-20 mm/s (35-40 ipm) and 3-5 mm/s (8-11 ipm)

I think thats what I have set in vcarve…do you know which setting is fast - dont know why im not seeing it

Your screen grab for the V bit shows 100 ipm feed rate and 30 ipm plunge, those are the default, unchanged feedrates. You can change it to mm/s.

I’ve highlighted where you need to change.

These are my new settings:

The z axis is getting deeper and deeper still: