Vinyl Cutting Letters

Wife took on an extra project for work for over the summer.

Needed to put a bunch of words onto some metal letters. We originally tried to do a stencil and paint them, but I don’t think she prepped the metal very well when she put on the base primer coat (in fact I’m 100% she didn’t use a metal etching primer). The base coat pulled off when the stencil was lifted…

So we went with plan B and just cut the letters out of blue Vinyl.

Ran the machine at 15IPM with the little knife. Took 3 sqft of vinyl and just over an hour to cut it all out.


Those look amazing. I am a pretty big fan of vinyl stickers. Adding this to the gallery for sure.

Thanks for the complement.

I need to play with the cutter some more. The first pass on these letters didn’t go all the way through. I don’t think I had enough down pressure on the blade.