Voron 2.4 -

Happy New Year Guys !!

I wanted to see if anyone in this forum has tackled building a Voron 2.4 printer?

I have been looking at the forums and discord but I find it a bit intimating and while if that is the case perhaps I shouldn’t consider building one… but then I didn’t know anything about printers or cnc until V1 Engineering and the MPCNC and now I am totally comfortable with it.

Anyways, if someone here has done this build I’d like to hear about it and maybe pick your brain a bit if you don’t mind.
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Ryan and a few others are working on a core xy right now! I will see if I can tag it here

Also known as mp3dp repeat. They are making with extrusion, or wood frame. Pretty exciting.

Sorry if you only want info on voron.

No all good… I have been away from V1 forums for sometime and after asking about the Voron I went and saw that Ryan is working on this MP3DP repeat which looking exciting and albeit a heck of a lot cheaper than a Voron 2.4 build.

It’s been out a while but since I have no plans on selling them it is just a side project, as all of the V1 printers are. I design and build them to suit me print farm needs. All the info and CAD is available, but making a full set of plans is going to take more time. None of the V1 printers have ever really had build instructions or a BOM. I plan on finishing up the instructions and adding a BOM for this one but I doubt I will go any farther than that.

Maybe that will answer some unknowns for you.

Thanks Ryan - where do I find the cad?

Ryan - I am guessing this has been mention maybe in the thread or other threads but do you have a ball park what it would cost to build this out with the extrusions and without (appears to be two ways ) - I have been looking at the Voron 2.4 but understand that to run from 1k to 2.2k USD depending on what components are used. Not sure how your new rig compares to Voron or for that matter a Rat Rig.

MP3DP "Repeat" Build - #87 by vicious1, plus extrusions and the hardware to assemble it.

Thanks I was able to get to the cad and see the wood components. Where does one source the carbon fiber rail? Lastly - what is the build size? 300x300

Well, MINE is 310mm by 310mm. So’s the other thread linked up there.

The carbon fiber rail is commonly used for drone building, so a hobby supply place is probably your best bet. I had to order mine from China, so it was the last piece to arrive for me.

In the Fusion360 model, you can turn off visibility for the wood components (And turn on visibility for the 2020 extrusion ones) if you want to go with extrusion. I’ve got a CNC, (or two… wait. three.) so why would I want to spend the money on the various hardware that extrusion needs?

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Yes, I was able to view the wood components.

May I ask what type of wood and thickness did you use? Looks like it may be 1/2" material.

@vicious1 When going with the Extrusion frame - did you source the 2020 from any one vendor and did you cut them to length yourself or ordered the that way? Any source for the carbon fiber and did you get it to length or had to cut it yourself?

I tried measuring them and came up with the following - Curious to know if I am correct as I am no good in Fusion 360. I see mention to “steel” for Z Long but I presume that is supposed to be aluminum as well.

what size bed are you planning?
What I have from the original cad is different from what you listed.
12 - 365mm
15/17 - 395mm

I am guessing I didn’t get the correct measurements per your note. Will check those again. Looking to follow the original design.

@vicious1 @gpagnozzi @SupraGuy

I am not having any luck finding the carbon fiber square tube.

Is there a source for the tube, linear rails and the end stops - those appear to be the special items?

Does this need any special stepper motors? I have mine left over from a MPCNC build but would need an extra one or two (total of six if I am not mistaken).

Yes I got my from HobbyKing

How about the Linear Rails? Seems there is a need for five of them but I am not finding any at 275mm but rather 300mm and they appear to be $25 each.

Nema 17 just like the MPCNC/LR2, for linear rails I had all of then left from another project but I ordered from Amazon (400mm), @barry99705 post somewere about an upgrade rail today… and I can’t find it where he post it.
Edited… (found the link) https://forum.v1engineering.com/t/new-printer-time/28127/633?u=gpagnozzi
If you can’t find the 275mm, get a longer one, you can always use a cutting wheel to make it to size.

Wow, looks like this will be fun to watch play out. Looks like you are very serious. I hope it works out for you!

Just for reference, @vicious1 CAD is for a 200x200 bed.
You really don’t need to cut the rails if you don’t want. You will just need to use longer extrusions though. You endup with extra space on the Y axis and for me, is always good to have a longer Z anyways… taller prints…

What is the Z height on the original?

Is the cad parametric?