Voronoi Stool

This was cut out of baltic birch and stained with Saman’s Cherry water based stain with a couple coats of clear poly after. I tried a few test pieces and was surprised how much better the water based stain covered I think I will be buying more of it.

I had to recut some of the pieces because my Z tolerances were out on the low rider… even a little bit shows up on the double rabbet joints. Between my foam spoil board and it being so difficult clamping the sheet without it bowing somewhere I wound up having to use bed leveling … it worked really nice. After I zero out my machine I just put in the size of the piece as shown on cnc.js and probe the area it is just about to cut. Perfect every time. Going to switch to ultralight mdf for my spoil board but I think I will still wind up having to use bed leveling in the future.



That looks nice. How did you come up with the pattern for the sides?

Thanks, yeah my mom gave me this ancient stool about the same size and asked me to refinish it… it was half rotten I couldn’t bring myself to deal with it so just cut a new one and decided to test out some stuff. Finishes aren’t fun but I guess I have to practice to get better.

There’s a plugin for fusion here Voronoi Plugin

Somewhere out there is a website when you can upload 3d models if you need the effect in 3d too.


Great idea, that Voronoi plugin looks excellent, shall have to file that away for a rainy day…