Wall angle of embossed logos

Looking at the Zb bracket model I printed last night it looks like the logo is done with hard 90* turns which give my (admittedly sloppy) printer a little bit of trouble with ghosing. Additionally the default Z-seam logic in Cura occasionally decides an edge of the logo is the best place to put the Zseam which is unfortunate. I can manually place the seam elsewhere, but any softening of that corner (pretty much every other corner on the part has a chamfer/fillet) would help the parts to come out with a nicer look.

This is little more than a “shower though” at this point. If I get some time to play around I’ll try a test piece with a 90 and 45 degree debossed logo side by side and see how they compare. given the chamfer/radius applied to the other parts I’m hoping the look will be somewhat improved. and my parts will come out looking a little more respectable without having to really crank down my perimeter speeds…


Hmmm, I will have to look at it. I have debossed the log in a few way. Some at a double 90, some at a tapered angle and some at a double tiny radius. I have not kept track of which ones are which though. If I make any new parts I will do a test print of the two “fancy” ways and stop being so CAD lazy, hahaha. Thanks for the test results.

Gah, this is harder than I thought. I keep getting outsmarted by my slicer. I tried a couple different test prints but wasn’t able to duplicate the original problem. I realized after the third attempt that I had a minimum layer time which was lowering the speed of the prints (d’oh).

Next I discovered that the big problem really only shows up with three shells (since the inner shells both blob a little bit at the corners and the effect is cumulative). A vase mode print looks decent, but the three shell is not very clear at all. I’ll have another go at it over the weekend…

Photos and more results tk.

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