Washer Questions

First off, huge thank you to Allted! This thing is awesome! I can’t wait to get mine built.

Now on to the question. I am trying to source all, or at least most, of the hardware from one location. I have found a neat website that seems to offer quality parts for a good price. I have 2 questions, 1 question for each washer.

1] Fender Washer - The online store I found has different outer diameter sizes for the 5/16 fender washers. Is there a best size to choose here. (1.25, 1.5, 1.625). The link for these washers can be found here.

2] Speed/SAE Washer - I was able to find SAE washers on the site mentioned above. Will this washer work for this application?

Again, thanks for creating this for the maker community. I appreciate all the work you put into this and I hope I will be able to add to the project in the future.



You’re welcome, thank you for the compliments.

You know I sell all the parts here right? https://www.v1engineering.com/shop/

smallest fender washers you can find, I have the smaller washer linked but they just need to be smaller that 20mmOD,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I see you have parts for sale, but I have stepper motors and power supply, and other items. I’m looking to just buy bolts, nuts, washers etc from this site.

Again, thanks for the response and for creating this project. By the way, I have a knack for documentation. It seems you still don’t have any for the electronics. Once I get mine built, I would be happy to contribute with the electronics documentation if this would be helpful.


That would be awesome!