Washington DC - Lowrider 4' x 8' for sale

Fully assembled and working lowrider CNC for sale 4’ x 8’.

  • Rambo 1.4 /w endstops (endstops currently not installed)
  • 3D printed parts printed on a Prusa MK3 in orange PLA
  • 4 root by 8 foot cutting area
  • Dewalt 611 Router (optional)

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@Gmarkows Looking for 500 OBO

Is this sold? If not, why are you selling?

Hi Scott,
I am looking for a lowrider cnc (trying to get the parts package but they are out of print) so I am now looking for one for sale. Can you tell me a bit more about how it it/was working for you? you built the parts on your printer correct? do you have any more photos of the specific parts so that I can see the condition of your CNC? When did you buy/build it?

Thanks again Scott

Cheers. Jay

davidkeller1103@gmail.com shoot me a email if you still have this