Waste board

Hey, made my first router cut with using the crown tutorial and it worked awesome! I’ll upload a video later to Builds.

It looks like in the intermediate video for making the sides of the Controller there’s a waste board on top of the table that the cuts are being made on. (Table, waste board, then work piece). I’ve got some spare MDF from making my table, would this make for a good waste board or is something more suitable? Are there any resources on making a waste board or to start am I best just screwing one down to my table top then screwing work prices to that?

Thank you

Depending on what I am doing. I put anything under it to get it as close to the gantry as possible. I used to use house insulation foam sheets all the time but I am using it less and less, as you clamp things down you can crush it and make it much less flat.

I might not be the best person to ask about this though as I tend to design things so the Z surface flatness is not a big deal.

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