Waste not

It’s actually byproduct, but after I made some chairs for my son’s apartment, the scrap wood looked vaguely tiki-ish to me, so I nailed it to the wall over the little bar that’s just outside my shop.


I like it! :grin:

That looks great. It’s a nice little piece to remind you of your son, and it is interesting enough to spark a conversation with friends about the CNC. Who doesn’t want their friends to ask about their CNC?

Right? “Oh, that little thing?..”

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Artwork is great, but the bar next to the shop - outstanding!

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I know. Most guys are OK with a six-pack in a mini-fridge (or the spare fridge, y’know, that avocado green one that came with the house).

Looks great!

Ha, I’ve done the same thing with a sheet left over from a modern chair build. It is now a trellis for pumpkin vines.

The bar will be available for the first, Northeastern US V1 user group meeting! :beer:

Mine was pumpkin orange, or maybe burnt orange… I just knew it had to go. :slight_smile: