Water cooled spindle for primo?

I was looking around Amazon and saw some 80mm water cooled spindles.

Has anybody tried water cooled spindles on their MPCNC?

I’ve seen a few. That’s a lot of extra weight to move around.

I would go for a 800 w to 1,5 Kw aircooled spindle if you don’t wanna use a trim router.

I’ve got the 800W water cooled version. I chose the water cooled one, mainly because I have mine running fully enclosed, so I was worried about the spindle overheating. The water cooling adds some complexity and cost (tubing, pump, radiator…). In an enclosure I think I wouldn’t go any other way, however if your MPCNC sits out in the open, the simplicity of the air-cooled ones may be worth it.
As for the weight: My MPCNC is tiny (300x300x70mm), so weight is not an issue for me, but if yours is larger, it may be something to consider.