Waterjet from a pressure washer

Crazy? Dangerous? Totally awesome?

I just finished watching that myself. Was trying to figure out how to adapt it to the MPCNC.

Then I went and looked at the cutter head and saw just the head is $350.

Oh, the dreams of owning a waterjet. I have looked into this so many times. That guy did some serious work to get that working. I saw a lot of what that guy ran into, companies only selling parts to verified machin owners and such. That is what made me feel like it wasn’t all that hard to do. But the parts are hard to come by.

I think the other way to do this is with a air multiplier(?) instead of a pressure washer, it uses a compressor and a crazy little 2 piston setup to increase pressure.

This looks entirely doable right? Cheaper venturi head and maybe a little trial and error on a decent pressure washer? I want one!

Someone needs to come up with something that is 3D printed, combined with something from Home Depot to take these guys down a peg.

Very strange comments on that video too, about how the abrasive will enter your heart through your blood stream and stuff. Is that really that plausible?

Well, it is cool as hell, but at these pressures it does have a large kirf, slow cut speed, and large abrasive consumption. I think a 1/16 endmill is very equivalent and maybe faster.

If it was higher pressure it gets much faster, smaller kirf,thicker materials.

I’ll have to look at those comments but the abrasive is nothing crazy. We dealt with it a lot in school, walnut husks if I remember right.

Oh, I’m only interested in it for cutting bread. I don’t think an endmill would do that.

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I watched that part and my only thought was… great… soggy bread.

Yes. My understanding is that water at that high of a pressure would basically force it’s way into whatever path it could find. Since arteries flow easier than meat/skin, it is possible it could do some very serious damage.

That is just really not making sense in my mind. Why wouldn’t it just find a pathway to the air, and escape that way? I could see if your finger completely covered the nozzle, like if you were spraying a garden hose…

I need to think about that. There must be some way to use that for good and not evil. That is a strange phenomenon.

A decent pressure washer can cut you. Just water isn’t that bad for you, unless it’s a center mass or head shot. Forcing garnet into you probably isn’t good for you. Getting it I to your blood stream really isn’t good for you. You’ll be looking at blood clots all over the place untill they get stuck in your lungs or liver. If you’re lucky, they’ll lodge themselves in a capillary somewhere not too important.

Oh, so nasty. I’ll stick with the endmills.

I wonder if one of those inexpensive wet sandblaster kits could be adapted for cutting. It’s basically the same setup as the head in the video. High pressure water from the pressure washer sucks abrasive up through the tube via the venturi effect shooting it out at high speed with the water. Would need a smaller diameter jet cutting nozzle. I’ve seen them on ebay and amazon for $80.

I picked up a wet blaster over a decade ago for about $50. Haven’t seen them sold anywhere since. I see several on ebay for under $100.