WaveShare 7in LCD display

I am in the process of building my MPCNC and now I am investigating options for electronics. I would like to stay with industry standards. On the Facebook page for Dremel CNC builder, there is an article about using the WaveShare 7 inch LCD TFT display. I am wondering if anyone has tried this with the MPCNC? Can this display be used with the controllers that V1Engineering is selling? Would like advise and information on how to accomplish this.

It won’t work directly with the ramps or rambos. It needs an hdmi input. You would need to connect it to a computer (or a pi) and then run something interesting on it. It is not for the feint of heart.

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So, if I connect the WaveShare to a Rasberry pi board and then connect the pi board to a rambos I could use this as the display to control the CNC router’s rambos?


theoretically - yes.
practically - not so easy. I had tried this pair - 7’ 1024x600 display with touch screen + raspberry pi 3. I was disappointed. Main UI of cncjs is not fit to this resolution. And i realized that I don’t like simplified ui that cncjs has.
honestly i thunk that control local cnc by web ui on same device is an overkill. but there is no rich choice of more efficient cnc control host software that are ready to use on arm linux.

Someone needs to get their router running on a duet with a paneldue display.