If they can do it for under $3600 shipped, we must be able to do it cheaper, right?

I want one, and don’t want to wait a year or spend $4k. Any ideas?

We need a pump, a few buckets, some fancy sand, duct tape, a nozzle, and some hoses. Did I miss anything? Ahh, 2 axis of the mpcnc (Plus a trash bag to keep it dry)…

It is so funny I found this post. The guys here at work and I were just talking about converting the MPCNC to do this. Their kickstarter is up to ~$567.000 so far. Obstacles for doing it with a MPCNC that we talked about would be: keeping everything dry to avoid corrosion, high pressure pumps are not cheap, it looks like the nozzle is custom made to be able to input grit and water at high pressure and not wear completely out in a short period of time. Just thought I would let you know that you are not the only one thinking about this though. LOL

This looks really cool. If you research this a little you can see how this started as a senior project driven by compressed air with a series cylinders to multiply the pressure. Is this something that the great Ryan could design in a small scale for the MPCNC?

WAZER operates by primarily consuming three main ingredients: water, abrasive, and electricity. The prices of electricity and water is different for all users but ~90% of the operating cost will be the abrasive. Using the abrasive cost estimate of $0.60 - $1.10 per pound, the abrasive rate of 0.33lbs per minute and the cutting speeds in the material section, you can estimate the cost of your cut.

Hmm. $1 for 3 minutes = $20 / hour of operation.
While cool, I’m pretty sure the dremel would do the majority of cuts.

I thought you could reuse the grit a few times.

Their FAQ suggests that reuse shouldn’t be done. Perhaps if you have a system to dry and separate if could be done…