Website navigation not working

The website navigation is not working in Chrome on android (samsung galaxy tab A tablet and LG android phone). The menu icon does not work when clicked so you you can only get to the home page or click on one of Ryan’s news links on the home page. If I use my account and log in, then the navigation is functional.

Have you tried refreshing it?

I have chrome on my phone and it is doing pretty good right now for me.

I noticed the same thing today. Not logged in and the menu doesn’t work. Once I logged in, it works fine. Google Nexus 6P, so nothing funky Android wise.

Jeez man, the dang website will not stop messing with me. I can replicate the issue, now I can try and fix it.

Sorry again

I think I got it. Mobile caching was freaking it out.

Let me know when you get a chance.

Seems to be working now.

working now on both devices (Samsung Tab A and LG phone)
thanks Ryan!