Wedding Rush Job

Wife asks : Hon, can you make some lettering for D’s wedding?

Me: Sure, uh… looks at calendar… it’s tomorrow???

Wife: Tomorrow

Spent more time in CAD/CAM than actual cutting. 3/4" thick poplar, ~5" high, stained in “Rustic Gunstock” I had laying around.

It was for the sweetheart table at the venue (Oceanview Pavilion, USN Sub Base Pt. Loma)


Smart not putting the name on there. Now you have something for the next wedding. :slight_smile:

Might want to cut a Ms just in case. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but you give me too much credit. It was the bride’s idea - it wasn’t the groom’s first rodeo ?

How about Mr and Mr? It and It? For those undecideds, of course ?

Personally, I identify as an attack helicopter ?

I learned, depending on the wood, 2 flute upcut, usually worked better than the straight cutters. I tried soft pine, cedar (smells good - machined bad) and mahogany before settling on the poplar - the grain coloration was awesome. Climb vs conventional produced less scorching, other than that the finish wasn’t too different between the two.


My dad always says he identifies as a thin person, he’s “trans-fat”!