Week 1 of Primo Build (Wales-UK)

Started my build of the Primo this week and happy with progress so far, asked on a woodwork/cnc/print group about cheap CNC’s being any good but then told I should go the MPCNC route for the same price and MASSIVE increase in workspace. they were not kidding 450x450 workspace according to the calculator :smiley: love the project and will be using the SKR PRO to go with my eventual upgrades to my 2 Ender 3’s aswell.

Working on a budget so bought conduit and the PLA to get to this stage so far. I think next will be bearings and the bolt’s. Basically doing this up month by month unless some overtime comes in or I sell some 3D print/laser work.

Wish me luck


Love the colors!

Welcome to the party! Happy building!

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Thanks, pretty hooked on the Bright orange, very prusa, even though I’m using ender 3’s :smiley:

Welcome good luck on a fantastic journey…!
Little tip. Use a small rechargeable screw driver with a hex bit to pre-screw and un-screw the bolts and lock nuts as suggested beforehand. Also a small “dental” pic set is handy for snagging the drive belts to loop up over the stepper.

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Cheers, yeah counting up the amount of nuts & bolts I gotta do looks bit daunting! However got very adjustable drill that I can use, so will grab the hex bits. Think my impact driver may be overkill mind :smiley:

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So, gone for the Screwfix conduit over stainless anyway :slight_smile:
It’s looking good. FWIW, I’m running my impact driver on low for pre-threading the nuts (driver, NOT the 1/2" impact wrench…).
Pozi pan head screws helps a lot on assembly; my bearings arrived en masse today from AliExpress.

Shaping up Really Well so far! Ended up getting the bolts for £15 posted from boltworld and found some bearing in the house an ordered the rest to get cracking with fitting it together.

Also did the legs too tall so will trim them down when I get chance, no big rush right now though really. Motors and belts next pay day and then month after look at the board.

Gonna go for SKR, any best model out there? looking to add homing switches to it if thats easy enough.


Now if only Ridgid would make a decent rotary tool to match!

The only one Ryan sells is the skr pro 1.2 with tmc 2209s. So that is the one that has tested firmware.

Ridgid who???

Ridged is a US tool manufacturer that uses those colors.

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Finally got more bits ordered nearer Christmas and it’s moved into the garage and making good progress on the build!
It’'s squared up and level, working on electronics now plus printing the last few pieces ofr the katsu/makitta mount.


Be careful about running the control board on top of that anti-static bag. There’s the possibility of shorting the bottom of the board. I’d put it on something non-conductive, like the wooden tabletop or a piece of plastic cutting board instead.

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Thanks, someone else pointed that out, promptly removed lol it was on see through plastic side luckily. Now mounted on my quick 3d print mount which I’m working on in fusion.

Bother. The was me thinking I may go Prusa orange and there already one in the UK, so now I look like a cat.

Which SKR did you go for?

It is very prusa isnt it :d I printed parts for my Ender in this colour, so much the octopi is renamed OrangePi :smiley:
I went with SKR 1.2 Pro with 2209 drivers. They suddenly got hard to get hold of before christmas so ended up paying bit of a premium sadly

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