Weight of printed parts varies a lot, compared to spec list

Hi all! Finally back from holidays, back to the 3d printer and a mailbox full of exciting things.

One thing that I have checked out, getting back to printing - is the weight of my parts. (I came across a thread on this while away, but couldn’t find it again).

Some parts are a few grams over specs in the list (Z_Lower burley and Z_motor burley), but other are waaay lighter, i.e. top corner and top cornerM:

Spec list Print weight
Z lower burley and Z motor burley 35 and 31 g 37.5 and 32.5 g
Top corner x2 32.9 g 23.3 g
Lock corner x2 20.8 g 17.3 g
I've tried to follow the print advises as precisely as possible, and can't understand what is going on with the varieties in print weight compared to the list?? They vary being both heavier and lighter. Does anyone have a clue?

Your fine. Different plastic, different slicer, all sorts of things. Those numbers were just ballparks.

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My old thread?


It doesn’t seem to have affected anything - it’s all gone together well enough (struggling to get any adjust-ability on the x/y squareness, but that may be because I’m using M4 bolts rather than m3.5 as mentioned in another thread)

Hmm - it wasn’t that thread that I had read. But I see that we have had the same worries! I find it confusing that the weight varied in both directions, and quite a lot (in terms of percentage). Glad to hear it has turned out okay for you - and thanks for assurings words from Ryan! (I still do worry about the M4, when that time comes. I have made nut expanders to compensate, hope it’ll do)