Weird Z behaviour - Homes perfect, but movement for both motors opposite way

Hi all, having a weird problem and my reading doesn’t seem to have found a solution. No idea what is causing this, so thought I would ask the experts :slight_smile:



  • Lowrider 3, SKR Pro 1.2 with V1 dual endstops firmware

  • Endstops are all functioning correctly using a M119 (not that this is the problem I think). I can auto home X and Y with no problems. They also move correctly when manually moving them.

  • Checked and tightened grub screws on screws.


When I home Z, both Z1 and Z2 home perfectly. I have used the touchscreen from V1 and Repetier with same result.

When I then try and move Z down, Z1 moves down, but Z2 moves up!

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong on this one? I have tried flipping the connections, but the above keeps happening (in reverse).

Thanks again for the help!


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Ok, had a thought that maybe it was the stepper driver. I swapped out a new one and the crazy behaviour seems to be resolved and all working. Does this sound right? Just wondering. thanks Simon

On the stepper driver board, check the solder joints. Sounds like it may be the DIR pin not connecting properly. This would mean that the only way that driver will move under power is up. It may therefore be a simple fix, and you would have a spare driver.

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