Welding supports

I currently have the default 30x30 size platform. Eventually, I will want to make it bigger. When I do this, I figure that I will need supports since everyone seems to need these with bigger builds. Instead of making printed supports that just support it from the bottom, Could I just weld on some threaded rod to the EMT with nuts locking it to the platform? I would of course take safety precautions with welding the galvanized EMT. I would probably do SS for the gantry rails.

You can’t really mix and match. If you go to the bigger stainless you will need all new parts. 1" takes the 25.4mm (1") parts. (you can keep the corner bottoms, legs and feet if you want)

Welding the supports will be fine.

Another thought on the gantry rails: I will probably never get around to doing this, but do you think that it would help if I welded some bar stock faced vertically along the length of the gantry rails? There is a gap on the center between the bearings where a piece of flat bar stock could fit with out interfering with anything. If a piece of flat bar stock was welded, I think that it could give it an I beam effect and become super rigid along the z axis. Has anyone tried this? Challenges would be 1) of course welding galvanized metal and 2) not burning through the rail. Tig would not burn through but I do not have an argon tank so I would have to try stick.

It would work for sure, tough with stick and please don’t poison yourself.

lol, I will probably never end up trying it. I might dick around with some scrap at some point but will probably never actually put it in production. Just curious of opinions on it in case I ever get really ambitious.