Well... I broke it...

I didn’t realize until I was switching tools out today, but the Z axis gantry on my machine has been busted for a while. I’ve attached a link to some pictures to show where it failed, and I noticed it because the Z axis was wiggling up and down at least 2 mm.

So now I have to reprint and rebuild that section, not a huge deal, but it will take a while.

Any ideas on how to reinforce this? I’m thinking of printing with ABS at 0.3 mm and 100% fill.

Trybusing less parameters I recommend 3. You used so many you probably got no infill there.

Alright, I think I used 4 or 5, not sure, but I’ll try using 3.

Should I print at a higher infill, or leave it at 55% like you suggest? Also, why PLA? Isn’t ABS stronger for this application?

Pla is stiffer, I think. I’ve done mine in pet-g with no issues so far.

Yeah, better use PLA here. You can increase the infill, the extrusion temperature (for better bonding) and decrease layer height as well.
It is very strange that it broke here. The break pattern is not usual either.
I wonder what could possibly have caused this…

By the way, it seems like you are under extruding a little bit, which doesn’t help. Clean your nozzle before you print any new part.

Decreasing layer height will actually weaken the part. Think weakest link in the chain… more links more points of failure.

I see 5 perimeters, under extrusion and a fair amount of ringing.

I would go 3 perimeter, up your extrusion multiplier ~10%, and slow your print speed and possibly turn up the temp 5 degrees.

Wow guys, I didn’t except to find 3D printing knowledge from you guys, but thank you!

It seems as though I only have ABS right now, I’m out of PLA, but I’ve got lots of this ABS.

I just reprinted the part with a 0.25mm layer height, 3 shells, 235 degree nozzle, and 110 degree heated bed. Here’s what it looks like. I do have some T-glase, which is PETG if I remember correctly. I could give that a shot. Here are some pics I took.

Any more advice you guys can give would be awesome! I’m using the old Makerbot Replicator 2X since that’s what I have at work, but I can always tweak settings!

I too use to assume that smaller layers was better but test have proved otherwise. Your new part looks great Saaif.

Your 3D printing skills have definitely improved.

New parts look much better!

You’ve even got rid of most of the ringing effect. It seems that I just can’t get rid of it whatever I do!

Ringing is usually a speed issue, though I still get it around the bolt holes, even when printing slow.

Old vs new the prints look much better! Hope it works out much better for you! I can’t print abs yet, my printer isn’t enclosed and the temperature in the house swings wildly (poor insulation) but great job!