Welp, my build just got postponed

The tube that goes in the center is broken. There’s a piece of it stuck in the heatsink. :confused: Can’t find any replacement parts for it, so I guess I’m hotend shopping.

If you’ve already written it off, try to drill it out. If you have a bit slightly smaller than the hole but slightly larger than the inner diameter of the tube, it should be able to bite the tube without damaging the heat sink. Might be helpful to have a drill press and /or a steady hand. With any luck, it will bite the tube and start spinning it free.
Or do you mean you can’t find the replacement tube either? Could something else be oversize just enough you could drill and/or tap it for a different tube?
Actually, you might have to ignore me altogether. I’m still working on my first cup of coffee and getting really carried away just because I like to fix things, lol. You can probably get a replacement for stupid cheap. Good luck though!


You’ve got the right idea, but I can’t find a replacement tube. It’s an old hex hotend, I think everyone moved away from them, just by the looks of stores. Just gonna order a 12v v6 hex and keep the hex for… I guess just because I’m a hoarder lol.

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Heat it up and see if the filament stuck inside melts and comes out. You can poke it with a thin wire while it’s hot.

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aaaand we’re back. The v6 printing better than the hex did, but that might be due to age and/or heat PIDs.

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