West Virginia Low Rider

Hey All, figured it was about time to share. I kept telling myself when I ran into a snag, I would start my build thread and ask for help… somehow everything went super smooth and seems like everything is working great. I must have learned a lot more than I realized building the MPCNC :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, here she is. I still need to get the 611 (next check) and figure out a way to manage the y-axis cable but other than that, she’s working!

I went pretty rogue with the electronics. I used an rasberry pi, + the pi 7" touch screen with CNC.js and an arduino uno + CNC shield with GRBL and wired the Z motors in series. Works fine, the only hitch is if I idle the Z steppers at-all the z-axis falls down, so I had to configure grbl to never idle, and always have the steppers powered. Hasn’t been an issue in my short tests, but I may have to add some cooling or something for longer cuts.

Anyway, here it is! let me know your thoughts!



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Nice! I can’t wait to see how you like the electronics. I have been itching to try something a little different myself.


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