What about 25mm OD tubing

Hello, I already build the MPCNC with 25mm OD Tubing, thank for your work Ryan. In France it’s easier to find 25mm OD tube and now I want to build the lowrider with this OD diameter. I know this actually only for 1" (25.4mm OD tubing) but I think that’s only 2% of difference and that’s possible to reduce my printed part but not sure.I’ve tried it for one part (Y roller) and it’s look like good but is it possible to keep the original size and tightening more (only for the roller part)? I’ve tested it and it looks like good also but will be sufficient rigidity?

I’m very impatient to build it


Sorry for my bad english

I don’t think it will work, a few have tried with some of the MPCNC parts and it didn’t go well.

Ok thanks.

Do you think, in the future to do the lowrider part for 25mm tubing like the MPCNC ?

I have take a look for order on your store and ebay but the shipping cost and import taxes are too high.

I have think to modify the stl files and others but I’m not comfortable enough

I understand what you are asking but, just to clarify something. Are you looking for 25.4mm (1") OD Stainless steel tubing? Conduit is not the thing for this machine, you will need to get tubing online or from a metal supplier. 1" stainless is a little more common because it has industrial applications.

For the MPCNC I have bouhgt standard (not stainless) 25mm conduit from a local metal supplier and I paint it in black to avoid rust because metal supplier does not have (1") 25.4mm. For 6 meters of 25mm OD 1.5mm wall conduit I have paid 15€ (approx 20 USD or less). Online I only find expensive stainless 25.4mm conduit (80USD for 1.5 meter with shipping to France). I will search and ask others metal suppliers for stainless but not sure I can find it