What are these called and where do I buy them?

I keep seeing these things and quite often they are referred to as terminal blocks but I’ve been unable to find them as of yet. My electric chainsaws even have them inside! I am under the understanding that these things have little brass bars inside them that lend themselves really well to the construction of stop motion armatures. Would like to find some to tear apart and see if this is true.

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Hmmm, Terminal strip/bar/block, busbar(kinda), https://amzn.to/2w4g4r3

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Anything that uses those is a good item in my opinion. Easy replacements or maintenance.

Amazon. You can find a different but similar type in the electrical isle at Lowe’s/Home Depot. Great for making power distribution points in a project panel.

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Terminal Blocks :slight_smile:



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…although if you wanna get really fancy, go with Wago connectors. no tool required. They are very high quality… (if you want to actually connect wires, not use the bus bar for other purposes, lol)

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They also have these and a few other neat items in the 12V section of automotive parts stores. LEDs, Switches, Connectors, etc.

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Solarbotics in Calgary stock them.

If the shipping is stupid I can pick them up for you and put them in an envelope.