What are you using your MPCNC for?

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to see what others were planning or doing with their MPCNC machine. Just wanted to get some ideas from some creative folks out there.

I plan on using mine for Laser Etching/Cutting and 3D printing initially. Since my build is going to be indoors I figured I could start off with these two functions.

What are you doing with yours?

I’m mostly interested in woodworking with it. Milling and engraving. I’d like to also try the laser, because, you know, lasers.

I’d like to depend on it to make other woodworking projects neater, by cutting out neat handles, or engraving some words or designs on them.

Eventually, I’d like to get some fine detailed pieces, like remaking a board game with detailed wood. I might have to wait until I get a laser to do that though.