What can you do with this machine?

I belong to a maker space with a CNC router. I have used it for a few projects in 3/4 plywood and it works well. As it is a 40 minute drive each way I was wondering if this machine could do those kind of projects at home. I would like to use at least a 24" x 48" stock sheet. Has anyone had any experience they can share? Thanks

Works great. You can do that easily and it’s not too hard to build. Def. worth the time and money.

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You definitely can. The Lowrider is often used with the same capabilities but for full sheets of plywood (4’x8’)

Check out the gallery to see all sorts of stuff it has been used for including 3d carving, sign work, jewelry, aluminum, steel carbon fiber, etc. Its versatile enough to also be used as the base for a laser cutter, plasma cutter, plotter, vinyl drag knife cutter, etc, Gallery link

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It won’t be as fast as the machine at the makerspace, but should be able to do the same things.

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Plus, you never have to wait for some other knucklehead to finish using it first! Or hope they cleaned it properly when they finished. Of course, there’s no one to call when it breaks, either… But think of the gas you’ll save! (Or volts, if you’re an EV kinda guy.) And the spontaneity! 2AM and inspiration hits? No problem! Fire up your Low-Rider and go to town! Well, if you’re on really good terms with your neighbors (or really, really bad), and you have a pre-existing understanding with any co-inhabitants of your home/shop… Aw, to heck with it, you need that 4’x8’ sign with hastily cobbled-together clip art and the comic sans caption: “A Man’s Home is His Hassle”! I mean, doesn’t everyone need one of those?