what conduit to use

hi all in my country im not able to buy the stainless steel rod with the mentioned specification.but i found some stainless tube that come with shower curtains i measured it with a caliper and its diameter 19mm can i use them. else i will have to order online with is very expensive to ship .

is this spec in the link ok cause im comfused with the 3/4 inch and 25mm od ect.https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32875744781.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.43303c00eVSDYj

some please guide me

I really can’t see shower curtains being stiff enough for this. As to your question about the 25mm and the 3/4’. The 3/4 is referring to the internal diameter giving 23.5mm outer diameter.


3/4 ID, 25mm ODand 25.4mm OD are pretty common sizes. Often used as electrical conduit.


What country/city are you located in. Maybe someone else from your area can help to source.

19mm is way too small for any of the models. The tube you linked will work, but you’d need 6 pieces for a 24" build, and use the offcuts for the legs. Unless you’re in the US or Canada, ignore the 3/4" conduit. I don’t think it’s used many other places in the world. You would use tube for any of the models, none use rod, it would be too heavy. If you can find 25mm regular steel tube, that would work as well, and probably be cheaper.