What do you have *under* the sand?

I’d like my built - which is still in very early stages - to be pretty quite. I’ve thus made some out-of-the-ordinary design choices which I will happily share with you when I’m back home…

What I’m still looking for is feedback on the board material and any particular surfaces you’re using? I think I heard the Sisyphus uses a felt-layer between the sand and the plate. Has anybody tried that or something similar and what were your observations regarding noise?


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Right now the bearings, rails, steppers are far louder than the ball and backing soda. I really really want to redesign this but I got side tracked with a new MPCNC. I have mine draw a design when no one is around and then leave it for a few days.


Thanks! I’m not yet at the point where I can actually move a ball but once I am, I’ll share my experience here…

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