What do you use for a computer at the LR?

I don’t currently have a windows PC that I can plug into my LR. I have a server at my house running several virtual machines and use my Chromebook to access them whenever I need a windows environment. However with needing to plug into my SKR board in via usb this doesn’t really work. I haven’t tried the V1Pi, but would that be able to replace needing a windows pc at the LR? The other thing I thought about was using a usb to ethernet adapter so I could take advantage of my windows VM’s to run things that way.

Thank you, and I am looking forward to any feedback.

Yes! This is what I do:

Microsoft surface (that I cast to a 32"TV) connects to V1PI running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The Pi is mounted next to and directly connect to the SKR board.


I, too, use V1PI, running on Pi-3B mounted on machine next to Uno/CNCshield/GRBL… and a Chromebook. Works well for me :smiley:


Thanks for the input. I will get the V1Pi running and go from there.

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I have a V1pi, and basically use Octoprint on it. I’d probably just run a vanilla Octoprint in future. Not that the V1pi isn’t a nice solution, but since I don’t use the cnc.js on it, and feel fairly competent to just install Octoprint, I’d be more likely to do that. (Or if it was cnc.js that I used, I’d do it that way.) Full disclosure, I use the V1pi on my Zen XY, so Octoprint seems more appropriate.

For my LowRider, I just use the LCD and SD card. I deem the room where the CNC machines are to be a hostile environment for computers, so I don’t have one in there.


I also haven’t updated v1pi in a long time, so I would also suggest using octopi. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

In my copious free time, I will update it. I just haven’t had any copious free time.


Whew! I’m glad someone who knows what he’s doing posted that. I’m really happy running the printer on that basis, so figured the old KISS principle will work with the LR as well.

I’m not a computer-phobe (just a Win-phobe :D) but I can’t at this stage understand why I’d need a machine connected while it’s working?


And I’m the opposite. I run CNC.js on mine.

I do have an older Macbook Pro that is my shop laptop. I use it to drive CNC.js on both the laser and the MPCNC.

If you want to run a PC locally on the machines I’d recommend looking at the LattePanda devices. I recently picked one up to run Mach4 on a machine I’m playing with. It runs it really well. I’m using Windows 10 on mine.

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Can someone fill me in on what the actual advantage of doing this is please? All I can see is a world of hurt, dust and tangled cables!

No clue. Just saying, “if you want to”


I wish there were more options other than just “heart” for that David! :rofl: :rofl:

Are you saying that you run the Mac connected “just for fun?” - I get that, and it would make me feel much more “grown up” than just using my sneaker net.

No. I use a pi running cnc.js on my machines. I use the Mac’s browser to connect to the cnc.js.

I use seafile on my network to sync all my gcode files from the desktop in the house out to the shop laptop.

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Today’s little chunk of learning is brought to you by

Thanks for that David, I have a lot to learn and while I am slowly learning to navigate the ocean of acronyms that seem to pass for conversation on this forum, :wink: until now I hadn’t heard of seafile. It might just solve another problem for me!

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It’s really just a localized Dropbox.

I haven’t found a perfect sync solution between my laptop and desktop since before osX! Apple used to have a really neat and automatic way of doing that seamlessly - but it went away and didn’t come back.

Dropbox would work perfectly but it’s a bit awkward with the amount of data I need syncing photos.

Not sure how seafile works in terms of that two-way sync yet, but I’m hopeful!

I use a PC next to the machine with a large monitor. Wireless mouse is used to move machine around on Rep host and if need to change anything on the design I do it there and then rather going to the other PC inside. I have out some foam on the vents of the monitor and pc case to eliminate dust and also keep pc under the LR.

But most important of all is the ability to just watch some sports while I’m loading/unloading or just scratching my head.


I run a widows 10 tablet and can edit in v carve pro to fix errors that crop up rather than running all over the house and up 2 flights of stairs also.

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I had a laptop in the shop to run either machines. Long usb cable on both and I’d just move the laptop to whichever I was using. Did all my cad stuff on my desktop in the house and stored everything in my onedrive folder. It would be synced by the time I got out to the barn.


I likethat I forget about one drive

I also (for my LowRider 2), just use the LCD and SD card.

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