What do you use for a computer at the LR?

Plus one for the LCD and SD card option.

I Used it on both of my MPCNC machines and my 3d printers as it IS a hostile environment for PC’s as previously stated.

The Old school method also saves having to run network cables out into the garage if you want to use Octopi, which does work well and gives you the option to have a camera so you can carry on working at your PC and keep an eye on the job, but I have settled on the combination of LCD and SD PLUS Octopi for the camera as I got sick and tired of running back and forth because I forgot to turn the power on on the router/printer. You still have to set the router up so no time saving really.

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I have an old Lenovo yoga laptop next to the machine and run cncjs with a cable to the machine. I have actually removed my LCD display and run only the laptop. The preview screen is very handing for laying out fasteners and the customizable code buttons are fantastic. So far it’s holding up, although it is very slow sometimes to load CNC.js Files are transfered from my design computer via Google drive.


I’ve been using a Pipo X8 running cncjs.
Great form-factor for these use-cases…

Recently I switched to RepRapFirmware on my controller, which allow me to access the web interface hosted by the controller directly through wifi (no cncjs or octoprint running on a raspberry pi or anything else needed anymore)

I’ll probably re-use the Pipo X8 though as a small dedicated browser in the workshop rather than relying on my phone or laptop
Plus that would spare me the need for a screen attached to the lowrider controller