What does hold the Low Rider2 down?


watching the videos and the design of the Low Rider V2 I’m asking myself: what is holding the Z axis mechanics down because V1 had wheels at the top AND the bottom, V2 only has wheels at the top.


My fear is that if the router goes down into the material that the mechanics gets pulled up the Z axis.





Gravity. Plunging does not take as much force as you would think.

I have been brutally testing the v2 at some ridiculous rates in aluminium and although I did put the lower wheels on mine, I haven’t tightened them against my table at all. I haven’t found a need for them and feel that they just add weight to the machine. I’m leaving them there incase I decide to mill something hard while the z axis is 4-5 inches off the table top. Even then… I could just take the cuts slower.

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Has anyone tried to make the machine do a pushup?

Not that I would admit to.