What is all needed to be functional

I am seriously thinking of “making” one of these. This will be my first CNC so I would be buying the kits to assemble. My question is what else will I need for this to be functional beside the cutting tooling. I plan on primarily cutting foam and routing.

I have all my “plans” in AutoCad so I can have a variety of formats for downloading to the CNC. I am just not sure what else I would need (if anything) for the translation or how to go about it.


Looks like 2 questions.

If you get the hardware bundle and the plastic bundle all you would need is a tool/spindle and some bits. if your tool doesn’t have a speed control like the dewalt dw660 a $20 speed control is nice. You will also need a table or surface to mount it on.

As for the software side. lots of them work for free. You would either export you models as dxf/dwg for 2.5d cuts, or as an stl for 3d cuts. Then I run them through estlcam to make gcode. Then I use repetier as my control software to send the gcode to the machine.

That’s it.

You’ll also need the conduit or whatever you’re going to use for the rails.

whoops, thanks. Kinda missed the biggest part.

I hope to be ordering my kit in the next few days.

I plan on making it with a cutting area of 24" x 36". If I am looking at everything correctly this is what I will need to purchase:

From here:
CNC Parts Bundle
23.5mm Printed Parts Bundle (I do not have a 3D printer available to me)
Extra Belt (A single order of 6.5ft ?)
And for ease of assembly, The wiring Kit (will this work with the larger working area?)

From other sources I will need the conduit, work surface/table, software, and end tooling.

Does this sound about right? (mainly the belt and wiring kit)

Yup, but the wiring kit is now included in the bundle.