What is the difference - Tool mounts

Hello all

Just getting my bits together here, ready for the jump…

Obtained some 25.4mm steel pipe (stainless would be nice, but the lottery didn’t come up again). Polished it up… should be fine.

Just organising my prints. What is the difference between the ’ Tool_Mount_J_6-32’, and the ‘Tool_Mount_J_4mm’?

Obviously it is to do with mounting, but why the option?

I am planning to try one of these as my main power plant:

Thanks all. Time to batter my 3d printer to death



I should maybe add a few details…

600mm x 800mm build. Z axis 150mm.

Breaking down my old RoStock Max V2 3d printer and robbing the Rambo board etc from that.

Planning to add Laser and dust extraction at a later date + end stops.

Any advance hints of things to do/add now to avoid issues later (such as extra wiring for end stops etc).


The only difference is what screws you’re using. For imperial, #6-32 machine screws are used, and for metric, M4 are used. The other parts (like corners) are designed to be universal for either screw style but for the tool mount you can be specific about which screws you’re using.

That is what I guessed. Many thanks


The 6/32 is for imperial hardware and the other is for 4mm metrics hardware.

Wow… my Flashforge Creator Pro is taking FOREVER to print these parts. Nearly twice as long as the guide times on the printed parts list.

E.G The feet took 4hrs 16mins each.

They are coming out fine, but… this build ain’t gonna happen any time soon!

I found a Rambo 1.4 board from good old Chins for $70… but I think I will get the one from V1… not had much luck lately with the dodgy Chinese folk. Would rather pay more and get one I know is good.