What is the thickness of the Spacer_Corner piece?

I’m designing span supports and I need to know how far the top conduit is above the bottom conduit, i.e. the minimum thickness of the Spacer_Corner piece (on all version if possible, but I’m mostly interested in the 25.4mm version). Anyone know the exact amount in the model? I can measure mine, but I figure going off the model would be more accurate.

Off the top of my head I think they are all 27.5mm apart from the centers.

So then the spacers are actually a little thicker for the smaller size conduit?

In a way, the thinnest point is thicker yes but not the outside dimension. Your parts will need to be very adjustable this dimension should not matter at all.

So I can’t just make the assumption that the top supports will be 27.5mm higher than the bottom?

I’m making these supports a fixed height, so the supports won’t be adjustable… Or rather, they’re adjustable at the pre-print stage.

In doing that you are assuming the users table is very accurate.

Yes 27.5mm higher should work as far as I know. I can’t check right now but I’m 90% sure.


And so far I’m not sure I’ll even embed the height difference in the calculation… I might just make it a general purpose round tube support. But right now the only user is me, and my use case involves a fairly precise table in most places (I will have to shore up an unsupported part of the table, but that’s something I can calculate and cut for with high precision as well).

Worked out pretty well! My measurements came in at 26.9mm difference, but there’s all kinds of things that could account for that difference against a theoretical 27.5mm difference.

I now have 6 supports on the 7’ rails and 2 supports on the 4’ rails. I used to be able to push the gantry down about 3mm in the center… Now it barely gives 1mm (if that). Can’t wait to try it out.

If you want you can check it out here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1999107