What printer will you be using?

Like many otheres, I’m sitting around waiting for the C version to be released and the kit of parts.
So I’m just curious, what printers will/are ya’ll using to print your MPCNC’s? I personally will be making use of my MK3S and my Ender 3.

+1 for mk3s

Well… I printed my Burly on my Qidi X-One (v1), and unless I build a MP3DP before I upgrade to a Primo, it’ll print that, too.

A highly modified Geeetech Aluminum Prusa i3 controlled by a RADDs.

Railcore II 300ZL.

MK3s with MMU2s. I plan to have it do the color changes for me. And Ender 3 for some simple pieces.

Ender 3 for every thing all stock and rough around the edges but get the job done​:grinning::grinning:

Ender3 here

I’ll be running mine off on an Ender 3 as well.

MK2.5 and a Wanhao i3.

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Stock Ender 3

CR10S-Pro with lots of mods. Basically just the board is stock.

Using an Ender3

My trusty KosselXL (Delta) which I build almost 4 years ago to print the parts for my MPCNC!