What to do about seperate power supply for Arduino/Ramps boards?

I had recently desolder the diod that supplied the arduino power from the ramps board and hooked up a sepearte 7V power supply to the arduino to solve a heating issue i was having.

Im trying to get everything finalized with the build and I was thinking about including a main switch to the power supply as I was asking about in a previous post on here and I was wondering if there was a way to wire in a new diode to supply a lower voltage to the arudino from the ramps board or a better way to power the arduino where I dont have to worry about powering on both boards at different times and such.

Or if there is a better way to keep both boards powered on seperately but handle powering both on at the same time better with what I have.


One quick solution would be to plug both supplies into a power strip and turn them off and on with the switch on the strip.

Thanks Bill!

My brother had said the same thing after I read your reply lol

I think that would be a better thing to do. I really cant find anywhere about reducing the voltage from the top ramp board and I like my set up with the cooling fans so im going to go with that.

thanks agian.