What to do with all those burly pieces now?

Was curious what people are doing with their burly pieces after doing the primo upgrade.

Was wondering if we should offer them to others who are interested in the mpcnc but don’t have access to a 3d printer?

I just hate throwing away 2 things of filament worth of plastic

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You can always put them up “for sale” in the #leftovers section. Even for free or just the cost of shipping. If it gets another MPCNC into the world, then we can always use the company.

I know mine (not a burly, but the MPCNC I disassembled for the LR) was not in great shape once I dismantled it. But maybe you were more careful :slight_smile:

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I was carful in dismantling it, but did not heed the warning of not over tightening one of the feet. But good advice, might sell it just for the cost of shipping. Maybe I’ll be nice and print a foot

I just went ahead and moved this thread there. If that bothers you, any of the regulars can move it back.

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Well this is what it used to look like. I’m only shipping the plastic. If you want I can also include the conduit, but it will cost extra shipping (it’s heavy) and would probably be cheaper to buy your own and cut it.

The V1 ENGINEERING store has all the hardware and electronics. If you’re not sure what to buy, ask us in the forums. I personally recommend the Rambo (full, not mini)

One of the feet are cracked, but I never had an issue with it. I can 3d print another one, but it won’t be the same color as the other 3

Also note there is a red button. That will not be included. That’s part of my electronics that is being upgraded over to the new mpcnc

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im just getting into cnc and searching for the least expensive way of course to do rthis…call me a charity case lol..davidkeller1103@gmail.com shoot me a email if you still have this and might wanna part with it please

I would totally have done this if I had a full set. Instead, I built the mostly scrap cnc.